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Let Equity Builders show you how to achieve multiple Real Estate with minimal hassle and risk.

Equity Builders is a multi-service management company offering Equity Builders Investors specialized forms of management in three separate divisions: Commercial Management, Residential Management and Condominium Management.

Equity Builders management programs are designed to provide Quality Hassle-Free management options to owners within our portfolios, encouraging current market growth within the Real Estate & Condominium markets.

Equity Builders consists of professional, experienced managers that have knowledge in all areas of the Residential Tenancy Act & the Condominium Act and have successfully managed over 1,500 units across over 25 portfolios for owners over the past 10 years.


Bring Efficiency, Experience, Respect, Integrity and Leadership in All that We Do.


To launch opportunities for our clients requires hours of research to ensure we only bring the best available products


Equity Builders acquires properties that fit our investment model, there are many steps taken such as strategic demographic study, estimating appropriate purchase prices for investors, locating municipal demands for renters, finding projects where improvements can increase value. These steps can take a lot of time, up to 3 years before we decide if it is an option that we will bring to launch.


After Equity Builders acquires a property, a re-development plan is created to suit the property’s needs such as upgrading appeal to targeting a new tenant demographic to improve the community. If major changes are to be completed, Equity Builders will often apply those changes before launching the final product to our investors. We call this process our re-development process.


Step by step, the Equity Builders team assists investors with all processes related to their investments. Starting from the Purchase & Sale Agreement to recommendations for management of their investment and finally, when it comes to re-financing a current project or if the investor decides to liquidate their assets Equity Builders will walk our investors through the final procedures.


To invest alongside our investors gives you added confidence as our money is where your money is.

Equity Builders provides a great product to tenants and in return we can charge higher rent yielding our investors a great return. It’s a win-win situation for all as our tenants get a better standard of living after the Equity Builders implementation and our investors continue to mitigate their risk in real estate investment.

Our combined decades of experience has helped save condo corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars when tendering projects.

Catherine Green, R.C.M., A.C.C.I., LCAM
Catherine Green, R.C.M., A.C.C.I., LCAM Vice President